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Spirits and liquors

Agárdi spirits

Every palinka is a kind of spirit, however not every spirit can be called palinka. Agárdi Distillery manufactures spirits as well – with the same care and attention as that of making palinkas. Some of them are bottled after several year long ageing.

Vodka, gin

Another adventurous journey to the world of spirits: clean, well made vodka or an exciting, high quality gin can be as noble as a perfect palinka or a prestigious whisky. Our vodka is made of cereals – and with a touch of secret potion, while our gin blends the aromatic and flavour essences of diverse herbs.


In our fathers’ or grandfathers’ time liquors did not use to represent the highest quality, though this flavoured category of spirits can achieve outstanding quality as well, especially in case of the use of top quality ingredients. In the manufactoring prozess at the Agárdi the base of every liquor is pure Agardi palinka, and the added flavours are made of clear, ripe fruits or naturally grown herbs. Artificial colouring is also used excluded from our making process.